First German National CLAIRE Meeting

Trusted AI

Berlin, September 28, 2021

Trusted AI — Unattainable vision or social mission? Opportunity or burden? How can it be implemented? Such questions are the focus of the first, constituent meeting of the German chapter of CLAIRE, the Confederation of Laboratories for AI Research in Europe. Trusted AI puts a special emphasis on providing (verifiable) guarantees for the correct functioning of modern AI-based systems, and in this sense it significantly strengthens the more unspecific notion of Trustworthy AI .

The meeting brings CLAIRE members together with representatives from industry, politics and academia and offers all interested parties the opportunity to get in touch with CLAIRE, learn about CLAIRE's mission and discuss the topic of Trusted AI.

The one-day event will take place on September 28. in Berlin (or online) as part of KI 2021, the 44th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

Event structure (preliminary)

  • Welcome and introduction to CLAIRE (60min)
    • CLAIRE, a European Vision for Excellence in AI Research and Innovation, Holger Hoos (co-founder and chair of CLAIRE, U Leiden, NL)
    • CLAIRE and Trusted AI, Philipp Slusallek (co-founder of CLAIRE, DFKI Saarbrücken)
    • The German Chapter of CLAIRE and Trusted AI, Christoph Benzmüller (FU Berlin)
    • Welcome address, Gesellschaft of Informatik e.V. (GI), Daniel Krupka
    • Welcome address, Bitkom e.V., Nabil Alsabah
  • Break (30min)
  • Trusted AI — Perspectives from industry, politics and science (90min)
    • Invited teaser talks (5min each)
    • Panel discussion
  • Lunch break (90min)
  • Trusted AI — Plenary talk and roundtable work (120min)
    • Michael Huth (Imperial College London & Xayn Berlin), invited plenary talk (25+10min)
    • Roundtable work in smaller groups that take different perspectives (40min)
    • Moderated discussion on implied research topics (45min)
      • Moderators: Nabil Alsabah and Christoph Benzmüller
      • Includes short reports from the roundtable discussions
      • Ideally with many of the invited participants from the morning session
  • Break
  • Related initiatives in Berlin (max. 30min)
  • Constituent meeting of the German Chapter of CLAIRE (30min)
  • Further networking, collaboration in Berlin, Germany and beyond (30min)

  • Socializing event (hopefully in real live in Berlin)

Organization team


CLAIRE German National Contact Point
Prof. Dr. Christoph Benzmüller
Freie Universität Berlin
Arnimallee 7
14195 Berlin